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Gilly Smith

The Long and Winding Road

How Humans Speak Lockdown has been great for podcasting. It’s been good for podcasters too; people who have always wanted to find their voice but never quite got around to it have drilled down their ideas, fired up their recorders and found themselves interviewing their heroes all over the world. And why not? We know that in the US there’s a ‘massive shift in the total share of all audio consumed at…

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Taming the Stallion

How to manage a podcast interview with an A-lister guest I’m used to interviewing big names in food. It happens most weeks for my various podcasts. With Cooking the Books, I’m lucky enough to be offered the latest food books hitting the shelves. I’ve built a good relationship with the publicists of all the major food publishers over the years of presenting and producing CTB and the delicious. podcast, and…

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A Food Shaped World

It’s almost a year since I started Cooking the Books, my first podcast after nearly four years of producing and presenting podcasts for delicious. Leon, Borough Market and the Food Foundation. And what a year it’s been. It was a BIG year for food books too; I’m not a great fan of a book without a cause, and we were spoilt for choice with the massive variety of meaty reads…

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Biting Talk with William Sitwell

h ‘I think you could say it’s a seminal book’ says William Sitwell about my book Taste and the TV Chef on his Instagram Live for his fabulous podcast Biting Talk. Well, if William Sitwell says so…. Click here to watch the video or listen to the podcast here

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TV Chefs: Then, Now and Should Be

Last stop in my virtual book tour for Taste and the TV Chef; how storytelling can save the planet. Click here to join me and food writers and TV chefs, James Strawbridge, Olia Hercules, Romy Gill, Tom Hunt and Rukmini Iyer to talk about food on telly and the power of story in changing the way we live.

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