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Gilly Smith

Out of Our Minds

I wonder if Ken Robinson ever did automatic writing – with or without the Aggiss stimulus. Creative processes draw from all areas of human consciousness. They are not strictly logical nor are they wholly emotional. The reason why creativity often proceeds by intuitive leaps is precisely that it draws from areas of mind and consciousness that are not wholly regulated by rational thought.  In the creative state, we can access…

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Odd is Good

Another Arts and Learning day is just around the corner, and it can’t come soon enough. I’ve even had to resort to my own creative techniques in class, and my students are beginning to look at me from under furrowed brows. Actually that’s not really fair; Professor Liz Aggiss was so scary, so Gothicly odd in  that I think they saw me as cuddly, if a little batty in comparison. I’d…

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Maybe I’m onto something… Not only were the students’ essays much better this week, but their reflections seem to show that they put it down to the ripping exercise (see previous post). And it’s only week 4!“I thought the whole process worked really well. It showed me that you can create a character and tv programme idea out of the simplest things. The task where we had to create characters…

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Rip it up and start again

I’m still musing on whether my ‘paper doll’ inspired exercise was a catalyst for a show of brilliance, or whether it fell flat on its face.  To start, it was all going so well; I’d introduced them to the idea of power with responsibility and the ethics of storytelling.  I’d even used the word ‘ideology’ by 9.20am, but when I asked the group to build a collage of words and…

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Eat, Pray, Love, Write

So I’m waiting for the kids to emerge from Saturday morning pictures, just as kids should, and I’m writing this on my iPhone and marvelling at 21st century comms. They’ll be in with Selena Gomez and chums for another two hours and there’s nothing to do other than read ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ and wonder how come someone else wrote my story. From the breakdown in a relationship to the hedonistic…

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