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Gilly Smith

Gill Meller’s first interview about ‘Time’

It’s a delicious. exclusive! I was lucky enough to get an exclusive interview with chef Gill Meller for this week’s podcast. Gill is a resident columnist for delicious. magazine, an award-winning writer for his first book Gather and part of the renowned River Cottage team. Tune in for his very first interview on his new book Time and why he thinks we should slow down to consider what food is all about. He delves back…

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Talking Atlanta… with Courtney Rushing

Another guest blog from my colleague at Kennesaw State University, Dr Josh Azriel who is rising to my challenge of examining the relationship between food and the high streets of the world for my book ‘Taste and the TV Chef’..  It can be daunting breaking into food media, especially television.  Yet, 23 year old Courtney Rushing, of Atlanta, Georgia in the United States has embarked on a new career.  As…

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Lost in Paris

There’s a point when going back gets dull, where revisiting the places that made you you become places for other people to find. Paris in the springtime is no longer the Paris of our honeymoon twenty years ago or my first stab at total independence as a 17 year old au pair or the countless weekends in between where we showed the kids the places that had made the city…

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Dining Blind

I’ve been meaning to take my husband to Dans le Noir, the London restaurant where everyone is on a blind date.. The idea of relying on taste, smell and feel alone as I find my way through a new menu, thrills me. But perhaps more importantly, it would give me an opportunity to prod at the unconscious mind of my man. For Jed, dining in the dark could possibly be…

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The law of the jungle

I thought I knew what Eco tourism meant. I thought it was about low impact on the environment, refilling water bottles and feeding the community, both with western money and English language. Choosing companies or individual hoteliers with the same values is a no-brainer these days; why not help a country develop its tourist economy with the kind of philosophy that ticks everyone’s boxes? Long haul travel once a year…

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