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Gilly Smith

The Great Food Transformation

It’s Professor Tim Lang’s phrase, but it sums up what needs to happen if we’re to avoid what George Monbiot is so gloomy about in today’s Guardian. This is the consistent story coming from every food expert I talk to for Stop the Machine or the delicious. podcast – Jamie included – although some say we’ve got 20 years left of healthy soil and others say 40. I’ll stick with the 60 years claimed by the UN, George and Philip Lymbery of Compassion in World Farming whose conference in October had the great and the good from all over the world debating these issues and coming up with a variety of solutions.

It’s not all doom and gloom though; the overwhelming feeling is positive – there’s plenty to eat if we choose a more plant-based diet and wake up to the impact of factory farming on the decimation of wildlife. As most of us can – and plenty already do – we need to buy from markers to avoid plastics and chat about our food, buy from high welfare farm shops or reputable butchers/ fishmongers and eat meat less often.

And the easiest message is everywhere – cook more lovely stuff – it’s an activist thing to do. It’s rubbish attitudes to food and eating socially that’s our problem in the faster West. That’s what all that posting of our dinners on instagram is about for me. There’s a food revolution going on right now, and cooking consciously is the way to save the world.

A new series of Stop The Machine with Philip Lymbery starts in January to explore the impact of food production of life on Earth. Do subscribe.


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