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Listen to this week’s podcast from Amorevore in Ibiza

This week, my podcast comes from the gorgeous white isle of Ibiza and the new food festival Amorevore.

I bump into delicious. columnist Gill Mellor who was demonstrating how to cook over fire as well as talking about his new cookbook Time. We chatted about how people are embracing being outdoors, the performance of cooking at food festivals and how the smell, touch, taste and connection with food inspires him.

Next is Zoe Adjonyoh, discussing the power of story telling and the new stories coming from Ibiza. Zoe tells me how after avoiding the ‘party island’ in her twenties, she now sees the rich, diverse food culture of Ibiza and realises the chefs are doing great things there – she thinks Amorevore will be a destination festival for many years to come.

Later, I catch up with one of the festival’s founders, Boris Buono, chef Cliff Grubin of Wild Beets and hotelier and restaurant owner, Victor Guasch, to find out their stories of the island. Click here to hear the whole story.

Listen to this week’s podcast from Amorevore in Ibiza

Listen now: A French revolution in Bordeaux wines

In this week’s podcast, sponsored by Bordeaux Wines UK, I head to the wine regions of Bordeaux to meet a couple of young winemakers causing a bit of a revolution.

First up is fifteenth generation winemaker, Benoit Trocard of Clos Dubreuil, who, against his father’s advice, was the first ever to grow Chardonnay in Saint-Emilion.

I also chat to Coralie de Bouard who has used new technology and grape varietals in her own vineyard just down the road from the famous Chateau Angelus where she grew up.

Plus I talk to wine blogger, Coralie Strong, aka everyglassmatters on what to look for in Bordeaux wines.

Find more about Bordeaux wines at and for top tips for a trip to Bordeaux, take a look at Benoit’s foodie postcard, here.  And click here for the whole story:

Listen now: A French revolution in Bordeaux wines

So, what’s in the November pod? delicious. editor Karen Barnes is up first, talking about eco cups and how it’s uncool to be seen without one.

I take a slice of Alison Swan Parente’s life. From starting a bakery to launching an artisanal cookery school, where students arrive feeling pretty bad about themselves but by the time they finish the course they are accomplished, self-assured and are ready to make a living from what they have learnt.

Champion of regional British produce Henrietta Green discusses how, in 1998, she bought her Food Lover’s Fair to Borough Market and paved the way of what the market has become – an icon of food from all over the world.

Also in Borough Market, we hear from Daniel Tapper who has just harvested hops that were grown in the giant market hall.

And, don’t miss, the judges of this year’s delicious. Produce Awards, led by Prue Leith, talking about the awards and what they were looking for when unearthing some real gems of British produce.

Listen here:

Listen in for Donal Skehan on his new Meals in Minutes cookbook

This week, I meet blogger-turned-food writer and TV chef, Donal Skehan to find out how life as a former pop star – and being a new parent – inspired his latest book ‘Meals in Minutes’.

I couldn’t talk to Donal without mentioning his pop group days; he reveals all and tells me how he likes to push himself out of his comfort zone; from the euphoric highs of singing on stage – to thousands of fans – to the nerve-racking butterflies on his first time presenting Saturday Kitchen.

We chat about how he got into food, why Jamie Oliver inspired the 12-year-old Donal and taking tupperware food packages on pop tours around the country.

Now, living in Los Angeles with his wife Sofie and baby son Noah, Donal is releasing his eighth cookbook. Tune in to find out more about what inspired the book, as well as some top foodie tips for eating out in Puglia, Italy.  Have a listen here:

Listen in for Donal Skehan on his new Meals in Minutes cookbook

Listen now: Nigella Lawson on How to Eat

In this special extended interview, I talk to the awe-inspiring Nigella Lawson 20 years after her first cookbook, How to Eat, launched her career. Listen to this week’s episode and find out more about when the book was first conceived, what Nigella thinks of gastro porn and how she became an icon in modern food.

We reminisce back to where it all began and how Nigella took her opinionated views of food and turned them into a career as a champion of simple home cooking, author and TV star.

Then we chat about how, with How to Eat, she wanted to be a companion in the kitchen and why, even though she was resistant at first, the move to television allowed viewers to watch her recipes come to life.

Later on, Nigella denies being coquettish with her seductive finger-licking and tells me how it embarrassed her when she was described as the most beautiful woman in the world when, in real life, she describes herself as ‘messy’ and ‘bumbling’.

Nigella also answers delicious. readers questions including what she cooked at her last dinner party meal, who designed her kitchen and the herbs and vegetables she grows at home.

Have a listen here:

Listen now: Nigella Lawson on How to Eat

31: the October episode

This week, I find out how food waste has become central to the cooking of both eco chef Tom Hunt and Madonna favourite, Skye Gyngell. I talk to Yotam Ottolenghi about his new book Simple and meet fashion-guru-turned-Spelt-farmer, Roger Saul. And afterwards, I catch up with Nigel Barden to hear about his new TV show.

So, what’s in the October pod? First up is delicious. editor Karen Barnes. Karen lovingly tells me about the importance of The School of Artisan Food.

I caught up with eco chef Tom Hunt, at his restaurant Poco Tapas Bar, for a slice of his life. He told me about creating a menu for 200 people, key ways to reducing waste and how River Cottage played a large part in shaping his career. Poco is a shortlister in this year’s Food Made Good Awards, under the ‘Serve More Veg & Better Meat’ Category.

At this year’s Abergavenny Food Festival, Skye Gyngell revealed what inspired her three-course menu ‘Scratch’. The menu uses leftovers and is available at her restaurant Spring, in Somerset House.

Yotam Ottolenghi explains that while his new book is titled ‘Simple’ it’s really all about ease. He describes the five ways his cookbook strives to make cooking easy  – each represented by a letter in the word ‘simple’.

When Roger Saul thought ‘what is life really all about?’ he decided it was time to trade in his career, of designing Mulberry handbags, for sacks of flour. He tells me why he was encouraged to grow spelt.

Nigel Barden has become one of the most well-known voices in food radio. You can now find him on TV in the brand new series ‘Drivetime Dishes’. We reminisce back 28 years ago to when we first met and he tells me why this TV show is a must-watch.

And to end the episode, I head to the delicious. test kitchen for a top tip from cookery assistant Oliva Spurrell. You’ll have to listen to find out what, of course…

Have  a listen here:

delicious. podcast episode 31: the October episode

Listen now for Yotam Ottolenghi’s thoughts on identity, food fights and feeding the kids

In this week’s podcast I catch up with Yotam Ottolenghi to ask him about food identity, peace food and why he tries to avoid fighting with his kids over food.

First, I was really curious to find out how Yotam created the wow factor in British food. He tells me what he thinks the joy of cooking is, and why his cookbooks aren’t as popular in Israel.

He reveals what he’d like to say his kids eat compared to what they truly eat (all parents will identify with this, surely), including the one thing they’ll always leave on their plates.

Tune in to hear his careful answer to the question “what is Ottolenghi food all about?” Plus, the reason why he doesn’t normally have breakfast.

Listen now for Yotam Ottolenghi’s thoughts on identity, food fights and feeding the kids

Listen in for Sybil Kapoor’s interview on cooking with your senses

This week, I met with food writer Sybil Kapoor. Sybil talks about how one of the first recipes she cooked, as a teenager, developed into a recipe in her fascinating new cookbook Sight, Smell, Touch, Taste, Sound: A new way to cook.

She explains why it’s important to sniff all your ingredients, even the bad ones, the anticipation of sounds – and why we really do eat with our eyes.

Tune in for a fascinating insight about understanding how our senses attribute to the joy of cooking.  Listen here:

Listen in for Sybil Kapoor’s interview on cooking with your senses

Listen in for Gill Meller’s first interview about ‘Time’

It’s a delicious. exclusive!

I was lucky enough to get an exclusive interview with chef Gill Meller for this week’s podcast.

Gill is a resident columnist for delicious. magazine, an award-winning writer for his first book Gather and part of the renowned River Cottage team.

Tune in for his very first interview on his new book Time and why he thinks we should slow down to consider what food is all about. He delves back into his childhood too, and talks about what time means to him.

Here’s the link for you:

Listen in for Gill Meller’s first interview about ‘Time’

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