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Gilly Smith

Veganuary is not just for New Year

There’s a lot of chat about Veganuary this month. The born again are eulogising about pea proteins and the Dry January types are testing their resolve. But what happens in February? Will the droughters go back to their outdoor bred pork? Do they think that their little piggies have been wallowing in mud baths before ending up in Tesco’s shrink wrapped trays? What happens to all that food consciousness when the page of the calendar turns?

Oh to think of a catchy little tag line for ending factory farming. FebENDary doesn’t quite do it. MarchON? Bit too French.

In the meantime, Click here to hear two heroes for Veganuary, Philip Lymbery, CEO of Compassion in World Farming chatting to wildlife guru, Chris Packham about why the issues behind veganism are not just for January.


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