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Gilly Smith

Listen now: Nigella Lawson on How to Eat

In this special extended interview, I talk to the awe-inspiring Nigella Lawson 20 years after her first cookbook, How to Eat, launched her career. Listen to this week’s episode and find out more about when the book was first conceived, what Nigella thinks of gastro porn and how she became an icon in modern food.

We reminisce back to where it all began and how Nigella took her opinionated views of food and turned them into a career as a champion of simple home cooking, author and TV star. Then we chat about how, with How to Eat, she wanted to be a companion in the kitchen and why, even though she was resistant at first, the move to television allowed viewers to watch her recipes come to life.

Later on, Nigella denies being coquettish with her seductive finger-licking and tells me how it embarrassed her when she was described as the most beautiful woman in the world when, in real life, she describes herself as ‘messy’ and ‘bumbling’.

Nigella also answers delicious. readers questions including what she cooked at her last dinner party meal, who designed her kitchen and the herbs and vegetables she grows at home.

Have a listen here:


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