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Gilly Smith

Can a farm be carbon positive?

I headed to the Abergavenny food festival, back in September, and met Sarah Dickins and Nick Miller of Pen-y-Wyrlod Lamb to discuss how they are doing things differently on their farm in Wales.

Sarah and Nick’s goal is to produce sheep utterly sustainably and to have a carbon-positive farm. We discuss the concerns of veganism for farmers and how, at their farm, they work with the land to actually reduce carbon emissions. They don’t use fertilisers or sprays and they don’t plough the land; to create a better environment for the land, for the sheep and ultimately for the people who eat their lamb.

We also talk about lamb welfare. Most lamb farmers sell their lamb at 14-16 weeks but Sarah and Nick sell theirs at 14-16 months, allowing their sheep to develop at the correct pace which, in turn, shows in the flavour of the meat.

If you’re interested in the vegan vs farmers argument, there’s a lot to learn here.

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