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Gilly Smith

Georgina Hayden on the best job in the world and stirring slowly

We talk about what it’s really like to work for Jamie Oliver and what it takes to succeed in the world of food. Spoiler: you may have to scrub some pans.

After leaving Jamie Oliver, Georgina has forged a freelance career with a fantastic Instagram following; for her personal account and @peaandthepod –an account with ideas for feeding a toddler. I dig to find out how she grew her Instagram following and how she decides on the content she posts.

Then we have a good chat about cookbooks. Georgina’s first book, Stirring Slowly, was written after the tragic loss of her son, Archie, who was stillborn. Dealing with bereavement and a lack of confidence, Georgie fell in love with cooking again and made nourishing recipes that promoted mindfulness; she learnt that cooking could be therapeutic and so her book was created to illustrate that.  Her second book, Taverna (published in April), takes Georgina back to her roots with Cypriot recipes.


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