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Gilly Smith


Maybe I’m onto something… Not only were the students’ essays much better this week, but their reflections seem to show that they put it down to the ripping exercise (see previous post). And it’s only week 4!

I thought the whole process worked really well. It showed me that you can create a character and tv programme idea out of the simplest things. The task where we had to create characters by jotting down on a newspaper picture simple things such as the person’s name and their likes and dislikes really helped as a basis to create your own character and from this, a programme idea. I think my team worked well together to give the individual characters a personality as well as putting them all together into a watchable TV programme.”

We were a group with diverse interests but after about five minutes we found a common ground in our love of music. Although we liked different artists, it felt like it was a subject we could get really in to. When we were sent off to research, I found we worked better because we did the research as a team and not individual task.  We got a lot more done and felt more positive about the task.”

“From observing the four pictures, everyone on the team began throwing ideas. Some of the ideas were established formats like  “Have I Got News For You?, “Mr and Mrs? and “Noel’s House Party?. It was really difficult because our ideas were extremely scattered and time was against us. Eventually, we all began sewing our ideas together. I enjoyed working with the team. Everyone had ideas to discuss so it was nice to hear their opinions. I learnt that working with others benefits confidence and enthusiasm if each member is given the opportunity.”


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