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Gilly Smith

The Easter Episode: With Steven Lamb, Dan Saladino and the food lovers who’ve found their happy place.

This month’s pod is all about finding your happy; River Cottage’s Steven Lamb argues that curing your own bacon delivers the key to Paradise, Dan Saladino tells me that after 13 years of presenting Radio 4’s The Food Programme, he’s finally got something to say in his book-in-progress, ‘The Ark of Taste’, and nomadic chef, Michael Watt, formerly of Brighton’s 64 Degrees tells me why he ran off to set up his own culinary circus.

Plus, Susana Perez of Susana and Daughters, on why making kefir makes her happy and Will Davenport on why organic wines can save the planet. And Sophie from the food team gives us 25 seconds on Marmite.

Click below to listen.


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