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Gilly Smith

Odd is Good

Another Arts and Learning day is just around the corner, and it can’t come soon enough. I’ve even had to resort to my own creative techniques in class, and my students are beginning to look at me from under furrowed brows.

Actually that’s not really fair; Professor Liz Aggiss was so scary, so Gothicly odd in  that I think they saw me as cuddly, if a little batty in comparison. I’d shown them Motion Control, part of Aggiss’ Dance for Camera series, as I had with all those taking part in my ‘Write Rhythm’ research project (see to see if such weirdness might stimulate the kind of writing they didn’t know they had in them.  As I recorded their thoughts after five minutes of automatic scribbling,  I admit I was rather pleased. Looking down at their pages, most of them told me that they saw something they didn’t recognise as their own.

I’m sure I’ll come back from Saturday’s session armed with a bunch of new techniques to use, but for now, I might just Google ‘odd dance’ and see what happens.


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