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Gilly Smith

Should we Brits be ashamed of our food heritage?

This week, I’m with multi-award winning author Pete Brown whose latest book, Pie Fidelity, explores a patriotic story of British food.

We discuss why he thinks British food is something to be proud of…

Though we may put down our food heritage in the UK, some of the traditional food and drink from the small island is one of the best things about being British. That’s why Pete’s on a crusade for us to treat our own cuisine with the same respect as all the other cuisines of the world.

In his book, Pete travels the country and looks at classic British dishes like fish and chips and the Sunday roast. He tells me about Devonshire cream tea and how, when in a cafe in Devon, he had a revelation that an immaculate cream tea doesn’t have to be posh; it’s just snobbery that has made it that way.

We also discuss how the British recipe of Spaghetti Bolognese has been bastardised over the years. He thinks our British version is better than the traditional Italian recipe of Ragu alla Bolognese. Listen to why by clicking below:


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