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Gilly Smith

We’re all going on a summer holiday

UNDER THE OLIVE TREE by Irini Tzortzoglou. Published by Headline Home 2020.

Ok, so maybe it’s not like it used to be; the UK is busy pulling up the drawbridges to most of our favourite holiday destinations, Cornwall’s packed to the gills and that good old double decker in which Cliff and co cruised off to Greece for a week or two would be a socially distancing nightmare these days.

But life is but a dream as virtual and remote become our new reality. And thanks to the power of the pod, Cooking the Books with Gilly Smith means you can come on holiday with me this year.

Plug yourself in and let’s Zoom off to Venice in Lockdown with Skye McAlpine, to Slovenia to dive for oysters with Ana Ros, to Dorset to dig up the magic of plants with Gill Meller, to the summer kitchens of The Ukraine with Olia Hercules, to Kenya for the childhood of Ravinder Bhogal, to Crete to sit under the olive tree with Irini Tzortzoglou and as we reach the end of August, a tour de France with Felicity Cloake.

William Sitwell even takes us through time and space in his history of the restaurant. And if your imagination can’t quite summon up Pompeii in 79AD, let Ols Halas take you behind the scenes of Giffords, Britain’s quirkiest circus.

Click here to wander through the heat of a podcast summer. We may never leave home again.


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