Writers' Retreats

My head is buzzing with the idea of our writers’ retreat(s). We shall take our charges to write about food in Tuscan villas, music in the desert around Fez and travel in the olive groves in Marrakech. Our firepits and parties will become legendary and inspiring to writers just dipping their pens for the first time and old hacks finding our welcome enough to remind them why they began to write in the first place. Friends will be made, marriages mended, careers carved and saved.

Jed (http://jedski1.blogspot.com)will regale our students with tales from the front page of Newspaperland and I will show them how one litle germ of an idea can become an industry. There will be kids on some and none on others. We’ll organise slow travel packs and find the best places to stay along the way, and, when the green planes are invented (soon, soon), we’ll find the most heavenly places and people on all sides of the world.

And did I mention the fact that people have found their true loves at our infamous weekend house parties? Slow down, slow down; we’ll be ready for business soon…


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