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Gilly Smith

Getting out more

I’ve sat at my desk since September 18th writing about climate change, peak oil, food education, food policy, food… and when did I last taste, smell, salivate over what I was writing? It’s all very well trying to save the planet, but when did I last write about chocolate?

Well, today I went shopping. My youngest and I scooped up our presents in a record 25 minutes and then cruised the North Laine with all the time that comes from the first day of the holidays. Which means that when we were offered some chocolate and a story, I didn’t gasp at the outlandish idea of enjoying myself in Infinty Foods, I simply accepted.

Home-made in Hove, flavoured with cardamon, chili and cocount or just good old milk, it was delicious. “You can check out my blog” said Choco Holly and we were off, blog-chatting, and before I knew it, I had the subject for my next article for Eat Sussex. I knew I had to get out more.


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