The Capacity for Delight

Embarking (again) on the excellent Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron, a book which steers the blocked creative through 12 weeks of rediscovery, has reminded me that all those Glums who came my way last year, all those people who squashed my enthusiasm and took away the joy from my great moments, are my gift for 2008. Spotting them as blocked creatives, furious at my apparent free wheeling, has not only sparked a concise note to self to cycle a different route but made me step up a gear. And what do you know? Doesn’t the landscape suddenly open up and offer a whole new view?

I know I’m not alone; The Glums are energy vampires who tend to drag on most people’s energy until the moment when we realise that it takes two to tug. In your limp towards that moment, let me offer you one of Cameron’s golden nuggets: “The quality of life” she tells us “is in proportion to the capacity for delight”.


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