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Gilly Smith


I’ve been sussed. Not by the many people who, rather sweetly, email me for advice on juggling a career as a writer, mother, accountant, cleaner, salesperson and all the other daily roles of a freelancer, but by an anonymous website.

WordPress is a strange land where no-one lives but where many millions are born every day. It’s a friendly world with no-one to talk to but where creativity is the buzzword and liberation is the biggest thrill. Yet for a place that has no king or queen, no governing body, no email address, it is strangely controlling.

I was fine with my bevy of blogs representing my various interests and career paths until I set up a wordpress site and, in a click of an import button, became a single blogger. WordPress pressed me and at first I felt squeezed, out of breath and rather resentful. But as I read through my single blog, I’m rethinking myself. Ok, so I appear to be rather schizophrenic to anyone bothering to read down through the food reviews to the creative practice of a university lecturer to the loneliness of the journo at home, but there’s something in me that bows to the wisdom of this streamlining universe. Maybe too many blogs do spoil the profile, confuse the random reader as he or she cruises through cyberspace, and, more importantly, the potential commisioner. Yes, I really do write, mother, balance the books, clean and sell myself, but WordPress may well be right to bundle me up into one blog and present a united front. It is after all, who I am.


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