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With 11 books about  food and many foodie articles in newspapers and magazines in my portfolio, I’ve observed and recorded the revolution in British food culture  over the last 20 years.  I’m now writing the first academic book to look behind the scenes at how TV made it happen in ‘Taste and the TV Chef’ (Bloomsbury Academic).

My column in Eat Sussex magazine is archived here:

I was a researcher on ‘Food File’, Channel 4’s first magazine show on the politics of food and a producer of BBC Greater London’s food review show with Nigel Barden (now Simon Mayo show, R2 and food editor of Reader’s Digest). My books have translated nutrition to a lay readership with Fibrenetics a cover mount on New Woman and The Guardian. I am the only biographer of both Nigella Lawson and Jamie Oliver, and my food anthropologies have told the story of Mediterranean and Australian food in conservation with some of the world’s best chefs.

I co-created the award winning ‘Juicy Guide to Brighton and Hove’ and The Juicy Awards for the best restaurants, bars and pubs in Brighton and Hove. The five year reign from 2000-2005 as the only independent word on great eating for a sophisticated local market captured a moment in the city’s history. I write for Psychologies as well as a variety of national and local magazines and newspapers. I appear every now and then as a food pundit on BBC Sussex.

I was on Channel Five’s ‘Restaurant Inspectors’  as dining companion to The Ivy’s Fernando Peire, and am often asked to help foodie shows with their research on the local food scene.

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