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Gilly Smith

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  • Cooking the Books is BACK

    Cooking the Books is BACK
  • The Funk of Noma

    The Funk of Noma
  • How to Eat to Save the Planet

    How to Eat to Save the Planet
  • Should we Brits be ashamed of our food heritage?

    Should we Brits be ashamed of our food heritage?
  • To Thailand, with love

    To Thailand, with love
  • The Easter Episode: With Steven Lamb, Dan Saladino and the food lovers …

    The Easter Episode: With Steven Lamb, Dan Saladino and the food lovers who’ve found their happy place.

Last night a guru saved my life

It’s a funny old game, being a writer. Opportunities to do the most extraordinary things are very often dangled under my nose, and I’m left wondering what to do with them. Last week I found myself in a stately home with a viscount and a roomful of sceptical hospital caterers, chewing delicately on the front end of a South Downs lamb. Monday night was spent filming a crimson sun setting…

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The Capacity for Delight

Embarking (again) on the excellent Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron, a book which steers the blocked creative through 12 weeks of rediscovery, has reminded me that all those Glums who came my way last year, all those people who squashed my enthusiasm and took away the joy from my great moments, are my gift for 2008. Spotting them as blocked creatives, furious at my apparent free wheeling, has not only…

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Getting out more

I’ve sat at my desk since September 18th writing about climate change, peak oil, food education, food policy, food… and when did I last taste, smell, salivate over what I was writing? It’s all very well trying to save the planet, but when did I last write about chocolate? Well, today I went shopping. My youngest and I scooped up our presents in a record 25 minutes and then cruised…

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Christmas is Coming

September 18th? Is that when I last wrote? That can’t be true. I’ve certainly thought about writing my blog most days between 18 September and now, but, well I’ve been busy. I’ve written half a book, umpteen articles, campaigns and bids, research documents and speeches since September 18th but blogging? Such a treat, such an act of unadulterated hedonism. The idea of writing for… what? I can barely write the…

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Write about what you know (part 5)

It’s two weeks since we were coming home from a week in Marrakech, bodies bronzed and brains shimmering with ideas for articles and projects. The people we met, the places we saw, the air we breathed (both foul and crystal clear according to the mode of transport – spluttering old Merc taxi or mountainside mule) were just the inspiration I needed after a summer of teaching. (Did you know that…

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